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Price Trends

12 Aug 2019

EU Reference Price (p/kg dwt)

162.9 (4.63p/kg)

10 Aug 2019

Est GB clean pig Slaughterings (000 head)

168.08 (-2.32%)

03 Aug 2019

Est GB weekly sow slaughterings (000 head)

3.8 (-0.35%)

1. Brexit – a no deal pork summary

Recent AHDB analysis concerning a no deal situation has renewed relevance as the UK draws closer to another Brexit deadline. Previously published material covering the possible implications of leaving without a deal can be found below.

2. UK pork production up 5% in July

In July, UK clean pig slaughter reached 909,100 head, 3% more than the same month in the previous year. 

3. Russia returns to a net importer position

Russia has returned to being a net importer of pig meat. In the year to May, imports of pig meat (including offal) increased by over 50% on the year, to 63,600 tonnes.

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