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Giving sows a rest post-service

A few different things have been tried out on farm following the Stockman Development North training session on service management.
When we re-capped on the topic at our most recent session, stockmen said:
- sows are now rested for 20 mins after service, with boar contact
- service house design is being improved on one unit by building an extension
- they went home and checked lights and water etc to minimise causes of anoestrus
- they were considering doing an oestrus plan to help improve heat detection / time of service for optimal numbers born alive.
Breeding companies ACMC and JSR then joined the group, to explain more about the work that goes on before good quality semen, gilts or boars arrive on farm. It is important to manage these products well on farm to get the most from them and minimise costs to the business.

By AHDBPork at 17 Jan 2012, 09:36 AM


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