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AHDB Pork’s team works with pig producers and pork processors providing tools and information to help their businesses. At the same time, it works with the pork supply chain to promote pork to consumers and develop new export markets. AHDB Pork’s mission is to help English pig production and processing businesses become more competitive and profitable.

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Room for improvement - pig reproduction priorities

Australian pig expert Professor Paul Hughes highlighted the priorities for improvement in pig reproduction this week at two BPEX Two-Tonne Sow events.
These included: 

1. Gilt management!
  • Too often, producers mate gilts who are not yet cycling properly – thinking that they’re second oestrus animals when, in fact, they are still only at first oestrus.
  • Gilt culling policies need to be stricter. Around 1 in 10 gilts are sub-fertile so producers should focus on good oestrus detection and then cull the last ones to start cycling. Getting rid of poorer gilts at this stage will reduce low fertility throughout the herd.

2. Feeding strategies
3. Understanding exactly what is happening with regular and irregular returns to service
Look out for more information and Paul’s full presentation soon on the news and events pages at
Paul has many years of pig farming and research experience at the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI).

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