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AHDB Pork’s team works with pig producers and pork processors providing tools and information to help their businesses. At the same time, it works with the pork supply chain to promote pork to consumers and develop new export markets. AHDB Pork’s mission is to help English pig production and processing businesses become more competitive and profitable.

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We are here to help - Steve Winfield, KE Team Lead

undefinedI have been working at AHDB Pork for nearly three years and I am the lead manager for the Knowledge Exchange team and also the Corporate Account Manager.

The team has been working hard to increase on-farm presence and offer more support to levy payers. To do this we needed to create a team that had production experience at its core, which was quickly achieved with Angela Cliff, Richard Bows, Kate Mellor, Andrew Palmer and myself. We all have practical experience of production, which has meant we could relate to levy payers’ needs and concerns and word soon got round. Our farm visits shot up from just under 100 to just under 200 in 12 months.

A lot of these visits would have been carried out on individual/independent farms so the next step was to alter our mentality from a broad brush approach to more of a “what can we do for you” approach. This saw the creation of a corporate account role aimed at the larger corporate businesses to highlight areas where we can work with them to represent value for their levy invested. Twelve months on we have around 30 businesses involved in the role.

The level of experience in the team means we are not only able to support businesses but also act as a conduit and bring in the wider industry where relevant and required.

To that end, 2016 will be a challenging year but it should ultimately see our KE team operating more efficiently and at an even higher level than before.

The team is here to help and I would urge producers to get in touch with their KE Manager if they have any problem where they feel we might be able to offer support.

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