Adding Value from pig Manures and Slurries

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Livestock manures and slurries are often referred to as wastes when in fact they are a valuable resource. AHDB Pork promotes the responsible use of pig manures.

Provided pig manures and slurries are spread for agricultural benefit, ie. for their fertiliser value at rates consistent with expected crop demand throughout a rotation or on grassland, they are not regarded as wastes under current legislation; unless they have been treated with chemicals. Further information can be found in Nutrient Management.

Manure and slurry contain useful quantities of essential Nitrogen (N) Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K) and other plant nutrients.  An added benefit over inorganic fertiliser is the ability to improve the organic matter content of the soil under a rotational system, especially with straw-based regimes. This improves soil texture, workability and quantity of water available for uptake by plant roots while improving drainage characteristics.

Not all the nutrients in pig manure are readily available to plants and the value of the manure will vary in-line with spot fertiliser prices.  For more information see the guide below:

Slurry testing video

This short video demonstrates on farm testing of pig slurry to determine its fertiliser value and how this can be calculated to include within a fertiliser plan.