Nitrate regulations in England

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Some of the nitrate regulations are aimed at encouraging spreading in the Spring when nitrogen uptake by crops is greater.  The current guidance was amended in November 2013:

Closed periods for spreading organic manures with high available nitrogen, eg pig slurry (but not FYM) Arable Grassland
Sandy or shallow soils: 1 Aug* – 31 Dec 
(*15 Sep where crop sown by this date)
1 Sept – 31 Dec
All other soils: 1 Oct – 31 Jan 15 Oct – 31 Jan

Organic producers may apply organic manures during closed periods up to 150kg N/ha to certain crops.

From the end of a closed period to the end of February only 30 m3/ha of slurry may be applied at any one time and with at least three weeks between applications.

Nitrogen limits Arable and Grassland
Manufactured fertiliser and livestock manure available nitrogen: Must not exceed specified max application rates for specified crops (Nmax)
Livestock manure whole farm limit including grazing deposition 170 kg/ha total N 
(250 kg/ha derogation only for ruminants)
Organic manure field limit 250 kg/ha total N 
(typically 36t/ha FYM, 69
m3/ha Slurry.