Thermal management

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The AHDB Pork environment and buildings team is able to conduct basic thermal imaging surveys of farm buildings.

A thermal imaging camera is a unique tool to map the energy loss from a building. It is also a powerful and non-invasive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of buildings.

Identifying any problems early will help producers to rectify the situation. This is important for pig health and welfare, production efficiency and food conversion ratios, as well as energy efficiency - saving money and minimising environmental impact. 


When out on farm, the AHDB Pork team aims to pinpoint:

  • Where heat is leaking out of buildings
  • Areas with poor/no insulation
  • Cold/damp areas
  • Structural issues such as cold bridging and vapour barriers 

What has been found so far?

  • Poor insulation or gaps, even in newer buildings
  • Heat leaking out of buildings where gaps are too big around doors and windows
  • Unexpected cold patches (possibly caused by draughts) or damp

For a farm survey, please contact a regional knowledge transfer manager or email

Please note, surveys are generally conducted during the winter when the temperature differential between outside and inside is greatest.