Air quality – odour

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Livestock and their manures/slurries emit odours which some people may find offensive. In some circumstances strong odours can cause a statutory nuisance, however, following good practice can minimise impacts.

Useful resources

Protecting our Water, Soil and Air: A Code of Good Agricultural Practice for farmers, growers and land managers (the ‘CoGAP’) (Defra) 

AHDB Pork Model Template no. 12 – Odour Management Plan

Code of Conduct for Odour Complaints (pig and poultry farms)

Pig Industry Good Practice Checklist: Reducing Odours from Pig Production

Odour Guidance for Local Authorities (Defra)

H4 Odour Management: How to comply with your environmental permit (Environment Agency)

Measuring Odour

The intensity and dispersion of odours is very complex. The science of measuring odour is called olfactometry.

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