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Yard drainage systems

Drainage systems are a means of transferring water from its source to its final destination. It is important that systems are designed carefully and good records are kept.

For an example of a site drainage plan, download AHDB Pork Model Template no. 5 

undefinedField drainage

Good field drainage is important to ensure soils can be worked more easily and yield well and, for producers spreading manures and slurries, it means they are more likely to be able to get on the land and spread it at the right time.  

The basic principles of field drainage, as well as maintenance and installation information, are covered in a practical guide from AHDB: Field drainage guide – Principles, installation and maintenance. It describes how a relatively small investment, such as locating and maintaining existing ditches and drains, is likely to reap rewards quite quickly.

By refreshing knowledge on drainage, it is hoped that the guide can help to stem the decline in UK drainage investment.