Potable drinking water

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It is important that livestock has access to adequate, good quality drinking water, not only for meeting welfare legislation but also to achieve optimum physical performance.

Useful information:

  • Download Waterwise on the Farm: A simple guide to implementing a water management plan - Environment Agency
  • Download AHDB Pork’s Knowledge Transfer Bulletin no. 20: Water Usage: Tips on saving a precious resource
  • Download AHDB Dairy’s booklet 'Effective use of water on a dairy farm'  which details the options available to help evaluate how efficiently producers are using the water on farm and points out ways to save costs and maximise water efficiency.
  • Download the Simply Sustainable Water briefing from Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF)
  • Download Farm Water Supply Leaflet - MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) Leaflet Published 1971 - Some of the standards have been superseded but the principles still apply

Water byelaws

Water byelaws apply to all users of public water supplies and livestock farms fall into the highest risk category for potential contamination.

The Water Regulations Guide can be found here, published by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).