Water – pollution control (SSAFO)

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If producers operate a farm in England that stores silage, slurry or agricultural fuel oil, they will need to abide by the Water Resources (Control of Pollution) (Silage, Slurry and Agricultural Fuel Oil) (England) Regulations - known as the ‘SSAFO’ regulations.

The regulations are intended to minimise the risks of pollution from silage effluent, slurry and agricultural fuel oil by setting out standards for the design and construction of storage facilities on farms in England and Wales. They apply to all slurry stores and reception pits. Note: it is a legal requirement in England to pre-notify the Environment Agency 14 days before starting work on any new slurry store, rather than before use, which was the previous situation

Factsheets and notification forms can be found on the government website and there is further information here from South West Agricultural Resource Management