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The welfare of pigs is paramount for the British pig industry, which takes a proactive approach to animal welfare improvement. There are also increasing pressures and regulations to ensure the already high standards that exist in the UK are maintained and increased. Reflecting this, we work closely with the pig industry, government departments, universities and allied industry organisations to assess, monitor and promote the welfare of pigs throughout their production life on farm, during transport and at slaughter.

Code of practice for the welfare of pigs

On 1 March 2020, a new code of practice for the welfare of pigs came into effect. 

Download the code or listen to our podcast to find out what this means for you.

Listen to the podcast below:

Current themes we are working on include:

  • Real Welfare Scheme – on-farm assessment of finisher pig welfare using animal-based “welfare outcomes”. For more information on Real Welfare, click here.  A report on Real Welfare and scientific paper have been published and can be downloaded, or a summary viewed in this video
  • Provision of environmental enrichment – it is a legal requirement for pig producers to provide pigs at all production stages with permanent access to environmental enrichment materials. For a guide and suggestions on how this may be achieved, click here
  • Finding solutions to tail biting and tail docking – tail biting is a key undesirable behaviour in pigs that can have a considerably negative impact on pig welfare and production. For further information on the risks associated with tail biting and suggested solutions to reduce them on farm, an interactive Tail Biting WebHAT (Husbandry Advisory Tool) has been developed and can be used here.

Other welfare themes include: freedom around farrowing; euthanasia of sick/injured pigs; transport and slaughter.