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Outdoor Breeding Herd

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Outdoor breeding herd Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


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“Performance measures are ranked on pigs weaned per sow per year. As a result the top 10% of the sample do not always return the best results for each performance measure (KPI)”

Key Performance Indicators

KPITop 10 PercentTop 1/3AverageMy performance
Pigs weaned per sow per year27.4326.423.9
Replacement rate (%)45.8152.7251.77
Parity 1 animals (%)26.5525.0724.38
Sow and Gilt mortality (%)5.185.985.12
Farrowing rate (%)88.7486.9983.59
Non-productive days11.613.4121.04
Litters per sow per year2.382.352.24
Pigs born alive per litter12.3912.612.12
Pigs born dead per litter0.450.50.43
Total pigs born per litter12.8413.1312.57
Total pigs born alive per sow per year29.4629.5727.24
Pre-weaning mortality (%)6.8310.6412.23
Pigs weaned per litter11.5411.2410.63
Average weaned weight per piglet (kg)6.127.387.31
Average weaning age (days)25.8126.126.34
Sow feed per sow per year (tonnes)1.241.351.4
Productive females759773871

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