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Russia’s domestic pork production continues to grow year-on-year

11 November 2019

The latest USDA forecasts suggest Russia’s domestic pork production is set to increase by 2.7% year-on-year in 2019, to finish at 3.24 million tonnes (cwe). Consumption is predicted to be slightly above this during 2019 at 3.31 million tonnes (cwe).

Danish pig herd stabilises

11 November 2019

Figures published by Statistics Denmark show that the Danish pig population as at 1 October decreased by over 3% on a year earlier, to 12.6 million pigs. While numbers continue to be lower than last year, the decline seems to have stabilised. Statistics Denmark also calculates a seasonally adjusted pig herd size. Relative to the June count, numbers are similar.

Pork imports down in Hong Kong

07 November 2019

At 472,700 tonnes, Hong Kong pig meat imports fell by 19% in January to September, compared with the same period in 2018.

Chinese pig prices continue to escalate in peak demand period

07 November 2019

Chinese pig prices have been at record-breaking levels since August. The upward trend has continued and by week ended 23 October, live pig prices were almost 37CNY/kg, over 400p/kg.

SPP back on upward track

06 November 2019

In the week ending 2 November, the EU-spec SPP rose, more than counteracting the slight decline of last week. All weight bands recorded price increases, ranging from just under half a penny to just over a penny.

Trade deals support Japanese pig meat imports

06 November 2019

Japan’s total pig meat imports (incl. offal) increased 3% in the year to September, to 918,000 tonnes. Import prices have been stable overall, and so the total value of these imports rose by 3%, to ¥457 billion.

EU sow market stable

06 November 2019

For most of this year, EU sow prices have been rising, but since the start of September, prices have remained quite stable. Nonetheless, over the past month, both Germany and the Netherlands have recorded the highest prices on records back to 2014.

ASF outbreak in South Korea’s Domestic Pig Herd

06 November 2019

African Swine Fever has now reached South Korea; it is unclear how much of an impact this will have on trade and production. 

Reductions in average farm business income across livestock sectors

05 November 2019

Defra has now released the most recent set of accounts for Farm Business Income in England. As an overview, livestock has seen a considerable decline in profitability across red meat and dairy. The report also outlines the large reliance on BPS payments for many farms. As well as a variety of economic factors, challenging weather conditions also contributed towards the general decline across livestock sectors.

Bumper grain crop leaves increased exportable surplus this season: Feed market update

31 October 2019

Grain prices have remained relatively steady in October as a stronger sterling pressured UK prices to remain competitive at a global level, due to the large need to export this season. Meanwhile, soyabean prices firmed on the back of weather led delays to both harvests in the US and new-crop sowing in Brazil.