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AHDB Pork’s team works with pig producers and pork processors providing tools and information to help their businesses. At the same time, it works with the pork supply chain to promote pork to consumers and develop new export markets. AHDB Pork’s mission is to help English pig production and processing businesses become more competitive and profitable.

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Farrowing checks made easy

We've just designed a 2TS Farrowing Disc to put beside sow pens during farrowing. It'll make monitoring sows’ progress at farrowing a lot easier - and it's free. There are three coloured circles on the disc, one to mark the time over the course of 12 hours, the second to record how many piglets were born alive at the time they were last checked and the third to mark how many piglets were born dead.

There are three movable arrows to show the sow’s latest progress. Each time the farrowing sow is checked, the arrows can be quickly adjusted on the disc so that all staff can see exactly how the farrowing is going and decide if or when to intervene.

Attention to detail during farrowing is essential to get newborn piglets off to a good start and it has a major influence on overall litter productivity, which is one of the key focus areas for producers aiming for the 2TS target.

There is also a space at the bottom of the disc to write additional notes, such as use and timing of inducement, interventions or treatments. The disc can either be hung above the farrowing pen on a string with a bulldog clip or attached to the pen side somewhere visible and easily accessible. After each sow has finished farrowing, the disc can be moved to the next farrowing sow and it is useful to have several discs in each farrowing house. Email to order them.

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