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AHDB Pork’s team works with pig producers and pork processors providing tools and information to help their businesses. At the same time, it works with the pork supply chain to promote pork to consumers and develop new export markets. AHDB Pork’s mission is to help English pig production and processing businesses become more competitive and profitable.

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High-performance buildings: one producer’s view

Richard Smith, former production manager at Bedfordia Livestock, told producers at our 2TS Focus on Finishing conferences about what they had done and learned while building a new finisher unit. 
Here are some key considerations he discussed for other producers thinking about updating or building new finisher pig accommodation.

  • They allowed 10 metres between each building to help facilitate good ventilation and installed automatically controlled natural ventilation (ACNV)
  • They chose fully-slatted plastic flooring for the ‘stage one’ and ‘stage two’ finisher pens but, with hindsight, would now put concrete slats in the ‘stage two’ pens for pigs of 35kg upwards
  • Consider feeding liquid co-products
  • Their liquid feeding system has probes to monitor feed usage and help keep it flowing and fresh
  • Operate an ‘all in, all out’ system
  • Plan pig flow well in advance with enough pig places to allow for genetic improvement in the breeding herd.
Go to to view Richard’s full presentation. 

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