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Stockmen get together in person and online

Both the Stockman East and Stockman North development groups have been on visits to local feed mills as part of their course. In the East, the venue was Crown Milling in Norfolk and included a background to the business, tour of the mill and details of how it is managed.
The Stockman North group visited the ABN feed mill in Northallerton for a similar tour, including an insight into how feed rations are created.  The trainees said how much they enjoyed “the chance to see pig feed produced
from start to finish”.

And more than 40 people have now joined the BPEX Stockman Development Facebook group.  It is for all pig stockmen to help keep in touch, improve knowledge and share ideas with others around the country. 

It’s also linked directly to the BPEX Stockman Development and Stockman Plus courses. The group page highlights details of workshops, relevant videos and photos and gives the chance to ask questions, comment and discuss with others in the group.

Log in to your account at: and search for ‘BPEX Stockman Development’ to join the group.

For information about Stockman Development, Stockman Plus and all the other the practical training activities in the pig industry, click here or contact Samantha Bowsher: 07976 980753 or

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