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AHDB Pork’s team works with pig producers and pork processors providing tools and information to help their businesses. At the same time, it works with the pork supply chain to promote pork to consumers and develop new export markets. AHDB Pork’s mission is to help English pig production and processing businesses become more competitive and profitable.

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Katja Stoddart, Health and Welfare Projects Co-ordinator

I am passionate about the English pig industry, which some people find surprising given that I come from a non-farming background and a different country! (Katja hails originally from Holland: Ed)

Still, I think the English industry is progressive and dedicated and one way in which that shows is in Real Welfare. I know, it’s had a shaky introduction (believe me – I know!), but no progress is made without setbacks. No other pig-industry in the world has done something like this, so give yourselves a well-deserved pat on the back. But let’s not be complacent. Real Welfare is only useful if you act on it. Don’t just see it as a tick-box exercise, but review and discuss it. A high score I’m sure is unlikely to come as a surprise – you would have noticed a tail-biting outbreak or a disease associated with lameness and chances are you are already doing something about that. But a consistent medium score suggests there is room for improvement. It is here that the real value lies.

Have you started analysing your Real Welfare results with your vet? Please let me know how they have helped identify potential problems in the early stages.

By AHDBPork at 22 Oct 2015, 14:04 PM


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