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Teamwork and why some teams don’t work - Andrew Palmer

undefinedThis question was covered at the managers/stockman’s club held in the Eastern region. Managers and stockpeople are often very good at their job when it comes to looking after pigs but how often do we hear pigs are easy, the hardest part of the job is the people I work with and the one area I struggle with. 

Speaking from personal experience I ticked all the boxes, then I took part in the first Professional Manager Development Scheme run by Cedar Associates on behalf of BPEX, now AHDB Pork. I was able to understand how and why different teams worked. This was probably the most important training I ever did and from there I have used it for career progression within the pig industry. 

Knowing the importance of understanding team members and how they do and don’t work was the objective of the afternoon, to help those in the group understand the teams they are currently involved with and get a greater understanding of how to improve working relationships. It was also to understand a little more about themselves and how that affects team dynamics. 

The group was given an insight into how different individuals within a team influence its dynamics and how people can be put into categories - Chairman, Shaper, Plant, Monitor Evaluator, Company Worker, Team Worker, Resource Investigator and Complete Finisher. 

An understanding of the make-up of different teams can answer the question of why some work and others don’t. Having too many of one type and not enough or even any of another does have an influence on how a team works. The group was able to identify who they were and how their own habits and ways of doing things could be the reason why, sometimes, what they did and expected from other team members caused friction. 

Understanding the types of people within a team and working to their strengths is the key to a smoothly functioning group.


By AHDB Pork at 12 Aug 2016, 10:48 AM


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