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Back in the swing of things By Kate Mellor

undefinedSo I have now been back in the working world for a month following my maternity leave and what a month it has been! It all started with The George Vet Group pig fair, where it gave me a great opportunity to catch up and hear what’s been happening with producers, AIG and, of course, all the George vets. The topics at the sessions were, as always, interesting and informative; it’s an event I always look forward to, so if you haven’t been before, check it out next year!

I have also had my first round of pig clubs in the region, down at Exeter and Cornwall Dr John Carr spoke about “optimising growth, stop variation”, which unfortunately I was unable to attend, but I hear they were good evenings. We also had Julia James speaking at Salisbury, covering what she had been seeing on her rounds. The Harbro team came and saw us at both Somerset and Oxford, along with Fran Baird from the George, looking at “what makes a good meal?” Which again gave people plenty to think about. Part of my time has also been spent planning the rest of this year’s pig clubs and we have lots to look forward to. We’ll be covering topics such as flies, limiting and planning for summer infertility as well as water management, so lots to look forward to.

undefinedGetting back out on farm has also been something I have been keen to do and I had my first visit the other day looking at a unit which is keen to put up a new building. W talked about the farm’s 10-year plan, where the unit is going and what options would be best for them. Farm visits are one of the favourite parts of my job, it’s great seeing different units and joining them in their various journeys.

Also, I am sure, as many of you will have heard, if not from me but your local KE manager, that the eMedicines Book (eMB-Pigs) is also something we have been getting involved with. We’ve all had some training so we can come and help on farm and get people using it, so please give me or your local KE manager a call if you need some help with setting it up and using it. The antibiotic usage target is going to be set in March 2017 so it is really important that we get as many producers signed up and using it so we can have an evidence-based target set, so PLEASE have a look at it.

Well enough from me but I’ll give you another update from the South soon!

By AHDB Pork at 6 Dec 2016, 10:59 AM


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