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The Northern Experience - Richard Bows, KE Manager

undefinedI was born and bred a Lincolnshire Yellow Belly and, upon joining the ranks of the AHDB Pork KE Team, I worked in the Eastern region. I thoroughly enjoyed my two and half years there, meeting and working with some terrific people, producers, vets and allied industry. I had been a pig unit manager for many years before joining AHDB Pork and the real win for me was the knowledge I picked up on outdoor production. I had previously dismissed it as an unproductive way of producing pigs, how wrong you can be, as these producers do a remarkable job, equalling some indoor production figures. Following the restructure within BPEX, an opportunity arose to move to the Northern region and spend time helping producers there with the wealth of information AHDB Pork has available. My wife and I decided we needed to grasp the nettle, move and start a new life outside of our native Lincolnshire.

We eventually settled on Northallerton and I am happy to report we have settled in well, as the people here are very friendly and it is a thriving market town with all the amenities we need. In addition, I have managed to establish working relationships with producers, vets and allied companies, as per the East. They reflect the nature of the people you meet in this industry. Most of the production up here is indoors and is reflected in the high production that I regularly see on farm. Producers are all characters, who are passionate, hard-working and, particularly here in the North, are deep thinking individuals. Meeting and endeavouring to assist these people is the big plus for me, along with being allowed to visit their units and meet, train and assist their staff.

By AHDB Pork at 5 May 2016, 09:54 AM


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