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The Red Meat Rookie By Bethan Wilkins, Trainee Analyst

undefinedDespite choosing to study Natural Sciences at university, it became increasingly apparent during my degree that the laboratory life was not for me. Hence, last Christmas, I found myself trawling graduate job sites looking for an opportunity that would bring new challenges.

That’s when I discovered the Analyst Development Scheme (ADS) with AHDB. Not being from a farming background, I’d never heard of AHDB before, and my knowledge of the farming industry was largely based on a project on sheep farming I’d done back at primary school. Nonetheless, appreciating that this is an important part of the UK economy, and being keen to enter a new area of knowledge, I thought I’d apply. 

Fast forward 12 months and one interview later and I’m sat at my desk in the Red Meat Market Specialist team, writing this blog entry!

I should probably explain a little how the ADS works. Over the course of eighteen months, we trainees undergo a series of four-month placements in the various sections of Market Intelligence. These include: Data and Analysis, who deal with a lot of the raw data, such as prices; Strategic Insight, who monitor consumer buying habits; Farm Economics, who work on the benchmarking and farm costs side of things; and the Market Specialists, who communicate the current market intelligence with levy payers. So over the course of the scheme, we should get a good idea of what Market Intelligence within AHDB is all about!

So far, I’ve really enjoyed getting stuck in to learning all I can about the meat industry. My desk is covered with AHDB publications and farming magazines and although the sheer volume of information has been a tad overwhelming at times, I think it’s starting to seep in. I’ve even had the opportunity to write some trade articles for the weekly publications, such as Pig Market Weekly.

Though I’ve obviously got some way to go before I develop an encyclopedia-like knowledge of the farming industry, I’m optimistic about my future here at AHDB. Settling in has been easy, and it’s satisfying to see your work published on the website, providing useful information for levy payers. I’m really glad I applied for this job, and hopefully you’ll be seeing more pieces authored by myself on the website in the future!

By AHDB Pork at 10 Jan 2017, 15:40 PM


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