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Making the news by Charlotte Evans

undefinedRecently I had the opportunity to put the shoe on the other foot and join our Media and PR team to understand just what’s involved in reaching our audiences via the media.

When I was asked by our team to do some filming with the BBC on the subject of bacteriophage my first response was “Oh, I’m not sure? Would they be interested? What if they put words into my mouth?” I was assured there was nothing to be worried about and I would get all the support I needed and I should concentrate on how many readers, viewers and listeners we would ‘reach’ – known as opportunities to see.  Once the panic subsided I realised it was an amazing opportunity to celebrate the successes of the industry and couldn’t wait to get started.

I think we often forget just how little time we have to capture people’s attention. We all suffer from “Information overload”. I’m told, on average people check their email 30 times per hour in work (some while in meetings or even talking to somebody) and that’s without the constant interruptions of texts and phones …

So we all now have this difficult task of getting messages to the reader/watcher/worker in a much shorter space of time than previously. I learnt that all our messages need to be short, clear and communicated more passionately. They should also be accompanied by pictures or videos to penetrate the cluttered brains of people who are losing the ability to focus. Not easy!

You can watch the final footage that was shown on the BBC news on our YouTube channel and find out all about this exciting science breakthrough that could alleviate the antibiotics time bomb.


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