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Traceability throughout the supply chain by Lauren Turner

Lauren TurnerWith my sixth month as Pork Processing Projects Manager at AHDB drawing to a close, it has been a welcome task to sit back and review how much I’ve been involved in and learnt since joining the organisation back in August 2017.

I should probably explain a little bit more about my role and how it fits within AHDB. I work within the Health and Welfare team and cover anything and everything that has a connection to abattoirs. My focuses include schemes that you will be familiar with – BPHS (the Pig Health Scheme) and CCIR (Collection and Communication of Inspection Results) – as well as traceability throughout the supply chain – quite literally from farm to fork, and all topics relating to food safety.

Since I joined AHDB, I’ve attended meetings with the Food Standards Agency (FSA), worked on an exciting traceability project (which we will be presenting soon) and got up to speed with everything abattoir-related!

Most recently, I have been travelling the length and breadth of the country, visiting abattoir managers and site staff at all of the participating BPHS abattoirs, ready to get the scheme back up and running later in the year. I have had the opportunity to work alongside and learn from some of the leading vets within the industry to get a real understanding of the scheme and what significant benefits it has to offer producers and processors.

My next few months will be mainly spent working on further developing the Pig Health Scheme, assisting a team of vets to carry out assessments and, finally, a brief trip to Lisbon to sit on a European action group to discuss alternatives to the surgical castration of piglets. It’s certainly busy!

I look forward to working with you all in the coming year and, in the meantime, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


By AHDB Pork at 1 Feb 2018, 11:39 AM


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