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AHDB Pork Blog

Life after Harper by Chloe McKee

undefinedI joined AHDB’s Pork Health and Welfare team in November, after graduating from Harper Adams University in the summer, and I’ve been kept busy from day one. Initially, I was nervous about joining a large organisation, having worked on farms in my previous jobs, however everyone at AHDB has been incredibly friendly and welcoming since I joined and more than happy to share their wealth of knowledge with me.

So, what have I been getting up to since I joined? As you’ll no doubt be aware, AHDB is actively engaged with livestock farmers, vets and key stakeholders in building sustainable animal health and encouraging the responsible use of medicines. One of the tasks I’ve been working on, and which feeds into this, is the collation of information about the different groups of antibiotics available to treat animals, including which bacteria they are most suitable for use against; this will be available on the website shortly.

I’ve also spent some time identifying areas of the website that would benefit from fresh content and where we have new information that can be included. This has enabled me both to develop my own knowledge further and to conduct some desk research into key areas, specifically in relation to disease surveillance and changes to legislation.

My most recent project has been producing a report on African Swine Fever virus, researching the impact of the disease overseas, such as the varying mortality rates and clinical signs, alongside the economic impact and individual effects on producers. Our Market Intelligence team will be able to use this to estimate the impact the disease would have in the UK, which may highlight areas we can further improve or prepare, in order to safeguard our industry.

In this New Year, I’m expecting to help update and create various resources to support the pig health scheme, as well as continuing to work on updates for the website. I’m sure lots of new tasks and challenges will also be on the horizon now that I have settled in. Watch this space! 

By AHDB Pork at 25 Jan 2018, 15:04 PM


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