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The power of working together by Pippa Handley

Pippa HandleyI am less than 2 months into starting my position as knowledge transfer (KT) manager within the Pork team for AHDB. It has been a baptism of fire, my head is spinning, my feet are yet to touch the ground and I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of it!

I come from a production research management background, having worked with both commercial entities and within academia. I fancied a change of focus and having always been a firm believer in the power of knowledge and importance of sharing information to inspire the next big shift in industry practice and approach – this role is ideal.

The KT team is, for the most part, new to AHDB Pork. This provides a heady mix of fresh ideas, enthusiasm and an untarnished, creative approach. The result – plenty of projects to get involved in that are at my favourite stage of any initiative… the beginning!

My main focus at the moment is establishing the ‘Pig innovation Network’ (PiN). The boiled-down aim of the network is to create a platform to share knowledge, encourage innovation to aid UK pork production and connect ‘professional pig people’ who may otherwise not communicate. Getting a project such as this off the ground requires leg work – I am spending a lot of time running up and down the great motorways of Britain (so far M4 Westbound is my favourite, M1 Northbound my least!) and meeting all sorts of people from pig vets and nutritionists, to researchers and feed companies, to encourage engagement with the network and gather ideas on where it can go and the good it can do for the pork industry. Disseminating information and encouraging collaboration within people who directly or indirectly have an influence on pork producers will ultimately lead to benefit British pork production – as AHDB says, to be the most envied pork industry in the world, we need to ‘harness the power of working together’.

There are a number of other projects that I will increasingly become involved in over the coming months, along with building the PiN – EU Pig and developing a ‘pork slant’ to the Innovative Farmers project to support on-farm farmer-led research, to name but a few, and I will also be speaking at a number of Pig Clubs in between times – good thing I enjoy being busy.

In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy getting to know the (incredibly welcoming and warm) team, listening to my vast array of audiobooks in the car while commuting around the country and pinching myself that I am operating in an exciting role, full of potential, within an organisation that shares my passion for UK agriculture…. all in all, a good start!


By AHDB Pork at 27 Sep 2018, 13:17 PM


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