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Records show the earth is getting warmer, and scientists believe this is due to Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide and Methane accumulating in the upper atmosphere and insulating the earth. 

This phenomenon is known as the Greenhouse Effect and the gases are called the Greenhouse Gases (GHG). If the earth continues to get warmer, the consequent changes in season and rainfall will have a significant effect on agriculture.

AHDB Pork is helping the English Pig Industry to reduce its Greenhouse Gas emissions in various ways:

Together with key organisations representing the English Pig Industry, AHDB Pork has updated the 2011 Roadmap, ‘Advancing Together’, now called Positive Progress, which can be found here.

Positive Progress ReportIn his opening comments, AHDB Pork Chairman Stewart Houston wrote ‘Of the improvements we aimed to make by 2020, one (climate change potential) has already been exceeded; a second (eutrophication) has almost been met and we are already more than half way to achieving our goals in the other two categories (acidification and abiotic resource depletion).’

Download the report 

Life Cycle of British Pork

Supporting information for the report can be found in the report ‘Life Cycle of British Pork’, (January 2014).

Download the report.

An executive summary is also available – click here.

For more information on climate change see The Committee on Climate Change:

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