Slurry and FYM storage

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undefinedThere must be sufficient storage for at least six months production of pig slurry between 1 October and 1 April inclusive. Farmers in newly designated NVZs must comply with this from Autumn 2015 having calculated their requirements by 1 January 2014. 

Dirty water, such as washings from scraped yards, may be stored separately but seepage from manure heaps or the liquid fraction from separation are nutrient rich, so are classed as slurry and must be stored as such if not diluted sufficiently. For a factsheet on NVZ slurry and dirty water definitions click here.

undefinedFYM including the solid fraction from separation may be stored on an impermeable base from which run off and seepage can be contained, or on a temporary field heap provided the manure can be stacked and does not seep.

Field heaps must occupy as small a surface area as possible and must not be sited within 30m of surface water if land is steeply sloping.