Spreading controls

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  • Apply organic manures and manufactured nitrogen fertilisers accurately
  • Slurry spreading trajectory must be less than four metres from the ground
  • If not using a band spreader or injector, incorporate organic manure as soon as practicable into bare soil or stubble and within 24 hours in high risk areas or if poultry manure is applied
  • Inspect fields to assess the risk of run-off to watercourses before spreading manufactured nitrogen fertilisers or organic manure


  • Do not apply:
    • Organic manure within 50m of a spring, well or borehole
    • Organic manure within 10m of watercourses (6m if applied with a precision spreader, and 2m if manufactured fertilisers)
    • Manufactured nitrogen fertilisers or organic manure when the soil is waterlogged, flooded, frozen hard or snow covered
    • Manufactured nitrogen fertilisers or organic manure in a way that could contaminate watercourses. Consider the slope of the land, any land drains, ground cover, how close the land is to watercourses, weather conditions and soil type