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The AHDB Pork British Pig Health Scheme (BPHS) is an industry-sponsored health monitoring scheme established in 2005.

It monitors English pigs at slaughter for incidence and severity of animal disease on member farms, to help pig producers reduce the level of sub-clinical disease within their herds. Individual data can then be benchmarked against the disease average of others within the scheme. Assessments are carried out at designated abattoirs, which kill the majority of pigs, by specialist veterinarians. Over 300 businesses are receiving comprehensive health data for their herds, but much data are available for thousands of pigs that are not currently signed up.

Producers are encouraged to sign up and request their data, which can then be discussed with their veterinary surgeons.  The data can help producers determine a health baseline and ultimately improve the health and welfare of pigs on their units.

The data are extremely valuable and are FREE to members – why not sign up today and ask your vet why they are not discussing them at their routine visits?

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