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On Farm Euthanasia: Work Instruction

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Persons undertaking euthanasia must be trained and assessed for competence by their veterinary surgeon. 

Training can be obtained from any of the following, or contact AHDB Pork: 

 Red Tractor Farm Assurance standards require that each farm site must have a documented Work Instruction that outlines euthanasia requirements and conditions for that site.  Red Tractor has drawn up a template work instruction, which can be downloaded and amended to be company and site specific. The PVS Casualty Pig booklet should be reviewed when completing this.  

Alternatively, you can draw up your own Work Instruction, which should document: 

  • The euthanasia methods used on site
  • Names of competent persons
  • Parameters for each method – to ensure it is effective and welfare is protected
  • Checks made to ensure the pig was effectively stunned or killed
  • Actions to be taken if stunning/kill was ineffective