Real Welfare Baseline Report 2013-2016 & Video

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The Real Welfare database is unique and the biggest of its kind anywhere in the world. The data from the first three years of the Real Welfare scheme (2013-2016) were analysed by statisticians and the results have now been published in two forms.

undefinedThe first is a baseline report. It summarises the welfare outcomes, as measured since the inception of the scheme, and refers to all farms that finish pigs under Red Tractor Farm Assurance Pigs Standard (based on the assessment of over 5 million pigs). This initiative represents the first long-term, nation-wide benchmarking of welfare outcomes for pigs.

For a video summary of the Real Welfare Baseline Report, click here or view below.

Secondly, a peer-reviewed scientific paper of this data has also been published in the journal “Animal”, giving a more in-depth investigation and background of the Real Welfare data.