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Teeth and tails: Tail biting WebHAT

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Research funded jointly by AHDB Pork and by the RSPCA, and carried out by the University of Bristol with the University of Newcastle, identified a set of the most important risk factors associated with tail biting. From this an evidence-based “WebHAT” (Web-based Husbandry Advisory Tool) has been developed. This is a website designed to be an interactive resource providing specific information about the key risks for tail biting in pigs. The Tail Biting WebHAT can also be used to generate a report of prioritised, key tail-biting risks found on a farm and obtain practical suggestions to help address and reduce the specific risks identified on farm.

undefinedThe Tail Biting WebHAT can be found here.

A report published by EFSA looked at the multiple interactions between risk factors and welfare consequences, with a focus on tail biting. The report can also be downloaded here.