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Slaughter: Training & Competence

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Certain operations in slaughterhouses require a Certificate of Competence. These are: 

  • handling and caring for animals before restraining animals
  • shackling and hoisting live animals
  • killing animals by free bullet 


Regulations also require that anyone who kills or slaughters animals must hold a provisional or registered licence for the following procedures:

  • restraining an animal to stun, slaughter or kill it
  • assessment of effective stunning or killing
  • stunning, slaughtering or killing animals
  • shackling or hoisting stunned animals
  • bleeding animals not yet dead
  • pithing stunned animals

There are no exams to sit to become a licensed slaughterman, but you will be assessed under normal working conditions after undergoing on-the-job training. This assessment is normally carried out by OVs at the slaughterhouse where you work. Visit the Defra website for more information.  


The Humane Slaughter Association offers training for stockmen involved with handling animals during transport, in markets and for slaughter and has also compiled a number of online guides on topics relating to the welfare of livestock animals at slaughter, which are freely available.