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Transport: Moving & Loading

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Loading and unloading can be the most stressful part of the journey for pigs. 

Handling and moving animals appropriately will make the process easier, minimise stress levels for pigs and stockman and reduce the risk of injury. 

Moving pigs

Movement of pigs will work best when using appropriate movement aids, through well-planned walkways by stockmen using suitable behaviour.  Consider the following:

  • Aids – rattle, sort board, flag, plastic paddle
  • Walkways – non-slip level flooring, solid sides, minimal distractions and corners, consistent lighting
  • Behaviour – work calmly, quietly and never hit, kick or push a pig
  • Move pigs in small groups and avoid mixing pigs from different groups. 

Contact AHDB Pork for information on available moving and handling training.  Watch the moving pigs video clip on the Practical Pig app. 

Loading and unloading pigs

Refer to the AHDB Pork Work Instruction