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GB pig prices continue to gain

20 June 2018

In the week ending 16 June, the EU-spec SPP rose slightly compared to the previous week.

What might rising oil prices mean for the livestock sector?

20 June 2018

Significant oil price changes can have far reaching effects on agriculture both here in the UK and worldwide.

UK pig meat exports stumble in April

20 June 2018

HMRC reported fresh/frozen pork exports fell in April, totalling 17,000 tonnes, a decline of 9% year-on-year.

Producer share of retail price steady

20 June 2018

During May, the share of the pork retail price received by producers remained just below 39%, according to AHDB estimates, very close to April’s level.

UK production growth more modest in May

20 June 2018

The latest Defra statistics release indicates that the strong growth in UK pig meat production recorded in early 2018 abated somewhat in May.

GB pig prices hold steady

13 June 2018

In the week ending 9 June, the EU-spec SPP remained relatively unchanged compared to the previous week.

Pack it in! Options for reducing plastic use

13 June 2018

A recent survey by insights agency Delineate revealed that plastic waste was as big a concern amongst British adults as Brexit. Although in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, plastic has helped to reduce food waste and will remain an important part of the food supply chain. As major supermarkets and food manufacturers sign up to the UK Plastics Pact and pledge to tackle plastic waste, where do the challenges and opportunities lie for the meat industry?

French exports boosted by Italian trade in Q1

11 June 2018

In the first quarter of the year, French pork exports totalled 114,700 tonnes, 17% higher than the level recorded in 2017.

The competitive game of World Cuisines

11 June 2018

World cuisines are a vast and expanding market impacting consumer cooking habits but, more often than not, the Foodservice world first. As the hype of the World Cup starts, let’s look at which eating-out cuisines have legs, which are being knocked out and which may qualify in the future.

Politics and global pork prices- what next?

11 June 2018

On a global scale, it seems pork prices have been relatively stable for a while. Based on prices from the four major exporters (the EU, US, Canada and Brazil), the average pork export price remained around $2.64/kg between October 2017 and March this year. However, this apparent stability masks dynamics on the individual markets, which mean the situation has not been as steady as it appears.