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November 2019: What does the new Welfare Code mean for you?

In this episode, we focus on welfare and look at what Defra’s updated Code of Recommendations for the Welfare of Livestock means in practice for pig keepers.

October 2019: What would a no deal Brexit mean for the UK pork industry?

In this episode, we talk about the potential impact of a no deal Brexit. It was recorded before the announcement of the new deal on 17 October, which still needs to be passed by both UK and EU parliaments and so leaves “no deal” as a possibility.

September 2019: Why is it important we work with small-scale pig keepers?

The pig industry is made up of a variety of systems, with herds ranging from a handful of sows to thousands. In this episode, we hear from Luchia Gregson, about the work we’re doing with small-scale pig keepers and why it’s so important. 

August 2019: How can we recruit new entrants to the pig industry?

The pig industry scholarship recruits highly-qualified and committed young entrants into the pig industry. The scheme is open to students studying at Harper Adams University in their second year BSc and first year FdSc.

August 2019: Pigs in the arable rotation

Do you use pigs as part of your rotation? Or perhaps your pigs form part of someone else’s rotation? In this episode, we hear how producers and landlords can work together to benefit not only each other, but the environment as well.

July 2019: Farming rules for water

In this episode, Zanita Markham talks to the Environment Agency about farming rules for water and the measures you can take to manage manure, fertiliser and soil to prevent runoff, erosion and leaching, building on the good practice already in operation.

June 2019: #MuckFreeTruck

In this edition of the AHDB podcast, we hear about the new #MuckFreeTruck campaign which is urging pig producers, processors and hauliers to ensure livestock lorries are properly cleaned. Launched by ourselves and the National Pig Association (NPA), in conjunction with other key stakeholders, the campaign is a response to the thread posed by African swine fever, which is causing hug problems in Asia and eastern Europe.

May 2019: Pick pork for a midweek meal in minutes

In this edition of the AHDB podcast, we hear from Liam Byrne, head of meat marketing at AHDB. Liam talks about the midweek meal campaign, which is a three-year campaign aiming to inspire more people to cook with pork or to cook with pork more often. We also hear from a processor and two producers, who tell us their views on the success of the campaign to date.

We finish up with a quick market update from Tom Forshaw, one of our analysts, who considers why European pig prices might be rising more quickly than here in the UK.

April 2019: Environmental permitting for pig farmers, what does it mean for you?

In this edition of the AHDB podcast, we focus on environmental permitting for livestock production and the forthcoming permit review.

We hear from Emma Slater (AHDB) and Mella Waitt and Alison Frogley from the Environment Agency.

March 2019: A practical approach to delivering clean water to your pigs

In the first AHDB Pork podcast we focus on water. 

We hear from Zanita Markham (AHDB) and Mark Jagger (Tulip) as we look at the importance and impact of cleaning water systems on pig performance, along with how water can be used to deliver medication. 

We also find out about some of the work we are doing on one of our strategic farms from Andrew Palmer, AHDB knowledge exchange manager.

We finish up with a quick update on the outlook for pig prices and feed costs from Bethan Wilkins, one of our analysts.