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UK pig prices - week ended 20 December 2014

24 December 2014

Although in week ended 20 December the EU-spec SPP fell for the 11th consecutive week, the decline was the slowest during that period, down 0.34p to 143.50p per kg.

Little change in German pig numbers

24 December 2014

Provisional figures from the November pig census show that the number of pigs in Germany was little changed from a year earlier.

Danish and Dutch exports expanding

23 December 2014

In contrast to last year’s trend, total Danish pork exports were up 2% on the year between January and September 2014.

December Pig Market Trends out now

23 December 2014

The December edition of Pig Market Trends (PMT) is out now. As well as the usual summary of developments in the UK and EU pig markets and the global feed market over the last month, this month’s issue includes more detailed articles on consumer confidence, costs of production, emerging markets and the Spanish pig market.

EU trade with East Asia strengthens

19 December 2014

October figures show a 12% year-on-year increase in EU pork exports, to 170,300 tonnes. This was the highest monthly figure in records back to 2002, highlighting the scale of excess supplies available on the European pig market.

UK herd figures revised down marginall

19 December 2014

Revisions to the final Defra June Survey figures do not materially alter the previously recorded trends in the UK pig herd.

UK pig slaughterings jump in November

18 December 2014

Latest November UK clean pig slaughtering figures indicate that there were plentiful supplies on the UK market.

UK pig prices - week ended 13 December

17 December 2014

UK pig prices - week ended 13 December

Will improving economic conditions increase food sales?

17 December 2014

Read our analysis of latest evidence about consumer confidence and how it may impact on grocery sales

Feed market update - 17 December 2014

17 December 2014

Despite May-15 UK feed wheat futures trending downwards throughout most of the week, on Friday fears resurfaced that Russia may lower grain exports in order to help solve its problem of high domestic inflation. 

Italian imports increasingly dominated by Germany

17 December 2014

For the first three quarters of 2014 Italian pork imports were enhanced by product previously bound for Russia being redirected throughout the continent.

Spanish growth tempered by falling prices

16 December 2014

Read our latest analysis of the Spanish pig market.

Further improvements in physical performance

15 December 2014

Latest figures for the physical performance of the GB pig herd paint a mostly positive picture. 

Producer share of retail price falls in November

12 December 2014

In November, the producer share of the retail price for pork continued its downward trend and fell to 38%.

Contrasting trends in UK pork exports and imports

12 December 2014

Latest figures published by HMRC show a 2% year-on-year increase in October pork exports. 

More EU pig meat destined for export

10 December 2014

The latest Prospects report from the EU Commission paints a picture of recovery for EU meat markets in the medium term. 

Feed market update - 10 December 2014

10 December 2014

After peaking last Tuesday, UK feed wheat futures prices have moved lower.

UK pig prices - week ended 6 December 2014

10 December 2014

For the week ended 6 December, the EU-spec GB SPP continued to fall, for the ninth consecutive week, to 144.65p per kg.

EU weaner prices turn the corner

09 December 2014

The average EU weaner price for the week ended 30 November stood at €36.49 per head, having recovered since the low point in October.

EU pig slaughterings up in September

09 December 2014

Data for September EU pig slaughterings show an increase of 6% on the year. 

Producer margins still positive in Quarter 3

09 December 2014

Based on AHDB/BPEX estimates, the average cost of GB pig production during the third quarter of 2014 was just under 144p/kg. As a result, despite pig prices falling steadily between July and September, average producer margins remained positive.

GB pig herd performance improving

06 December 2014

Latest figures from the annual report on Pig Cost of Production in Selected Countries show the physical performance of the British pig herd is still improving.

Emerging markets support EU exports

06 December 2014

Russia’s ban on imports of EU pork has undoubtedly had a major impact on the pig market. However, EU pork exports have held up relatively well, partly because of higher exports to a range of smaller markets.

UK pig price - week ended 29 November 2014

03 December 2014

For the week ended 29 November, the EU spec GB SPP fell further by 0.61p to 145.53p per kg.

Feed market update - 3 December 2014

03 December 2014

May-15 UK feed wheat futures prices closed at £140.95/t on Tuesday (2 Dec), up £5.55/t on the previous Tuesday’s close.

Russian demand drives Chilean pork exports

02 December 2014

Chile’s pork exports between January and September were down 2% compared with the same period in 2013.

Global prices falling from record high

01 December 2014

This year, global pork prices have reached unprecedented levels.

German pork trade stable

01 December 2014

Latest German pork trade figures for January to September show a 1% decline in exports, as volumes fell to 1.27 million tonnes. This was despite the Russian ban on EU pork imports; Russia was Germany’s largest non-EU market last year.