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EU pig price remains stable

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In common with the UK market, the EU average pig price has been relatively stable since the beginning of March.

Prices have picked up briefly on occasions but any increases have been short-lived. This stability has continued in July and early August, with the average price fluctuating around €144 per 100kg. It did drop below this level in the latest week, ended 16 August, however, to stand at €142.41, the lowest level since May. With both markets flat, the gap between the UK and EU prices has stayed at around 30p over the last month, still very high by historical standards.


In recent weeks, prices have generally been weaker in northern Member States than further south. For example, the German price fell by €3 per 100kg in the latest four weeks, while the Danish price was down nearly €6. Dutch and Polish prices also dropped, as did the Irish quote. In contrast, the Spanish market has been largely static, while the French price has risen by €5. This was partly in response to farmer protests which increased demand for French pork and led to the government imposing a target price for pigs. As a result, French prices are now well above the EU average. Italy has also recorded strong price rises of late.