Photo of UK pig prices - week ended 15 August 2015

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UK pig prices - week ended 15 August 2015

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The GB SPP stayed virtually the same in week ended 15 August, with the EU–spec price standing at 132.57p/kg, a 0.01p fall on the previous week.

The market still remains balanced, although we are nearing the end of the holiday season, which may tip the balance towards a higher demand. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that any significant shift will be apparent before mid-September, given the upcoming Bank Holiday. Even though the price has stayed the same as the previous week, there has been a 26p decrease in price compared to a year before, although the gap continues to close in. Slaughterings were estimated to have increased by just over 4% compared to the previous week, to 176,600 head. This is the highest number since mid-July and 7% more year on year. Carcase weights were slightly down compared to a week prior, averaging 80.21kg in the latest week, but were still 200g up on the same week last year.

In the week ending 8 August the APP EU-spec price fell for the second consecutive week, to 137.03p/kg. The drop during the week was only just over a tenth of a penny but there was a 25p fall on the price in the same week a year earlier. As the fall in the APP was greater than the SPP, the gap between the two prices has increased slightly compared to the previous week, to 4.45p.


Weaner prices for both 7kg and 30kg animals fell slightly in week ended 15 August. At £33.18 per head, 7kg weaners sold for 2p less than the previous week, on average, and were £5 cheaper than a year before. 30kg weaner prices experienced a greater fall of 38p per head which brought the price down to £43.61. This was the lowest price since week ending 4 July and the price has fallen nearly £12 per head compared to the same week last year.