Photo of EU weaner prices remain at low levels

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EU weaner prices remain at low levels

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The average EU weaner price for the week ended 29 November stood at €33.14 per head. Prices this year have followed the trend which occurred in 2014, peaking during April and dropping off throughout the second half of the year.

In comparison to the end of August, average prices have picked up slightly, with a marginal increase of 62 cents. A further small increase was noted in October, with prices rising above €34/head but this dropped back down again during November. The most recent quote is over €3 down on the same period a year ago and remains well below €40/head, a level which was last recorded at the start of June. With the finished pig market remaining subdued, all pig producers are facing a difficult economic period. The low weaner price means that this particularly applies to breeders, who will also have seen less benefit from falling feed prices.


During the last three months, increases in weaner prices were recorded for Spain, Denmark and the Netherlands, leading to the overall marginal increase for the EU average. Current quotes from the Netherlands showed the largest uplift of over €5, albeit from a very low base, while increases for Spain and Denmark were slightly smaller. Weaner prices in the UK recorded one of the largest declines in the period, dropping by €2.75 since the end of August in euro terms. Germany and Poland also registered a fall in prices.