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Russian imports run lower than 2014

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In the first nine months of the year, Russian pork imports amounted to 212,000 tonnes, down by 22% year on year.

With restrictions preventing imports from the EU, US and Canada, amongst others, remaining in place, Russia turned to Brazil and Ukraine to meet its domestic demand for pork. Brazil maintained its position as the dominant supplier of pork, with imports increasing by 38% year on year. This took its market share to three quarters, a large increase on the 42% this time last year and 22% two years before. Shipments from Ukraine increased significantly, with volumes totalling over 20,000 tonnes, setting a new record. However, there is doubt about whether this increase in imports will continue into 2016, as Russia have stated that it will cease the importation of Ukrainian pork if a trade agreement between the EU and the Ukraine is implemented. Volumes from Chile and Serbia also recorded an increase, ahead by 22% and 34% respectively.


Despite the volume of pork for the first nine months of the year currently running below 2014 figures, imports in the third quarter of 2015 were ahead by 15%. This was the largest volume of imports recorded in a quarterly series since the beginning of 2014, when the first ban on EU pork was introduced.

Unit prices of pork are currently higher than those recorded in 2014, by 39% in rouble terms during January-September 2015, largely due to the weakness of the Russian currency. The average unit price in the third quarter of 2015 stood at ₽208 per kg. In line with this, the total value of imports in the first nine months of 2015 totalled ₽40.7 billion, up 8% year on year. However, due to the continued deprecation of the Russian currency, this value was down by 36% in terms of US dollars.