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French exports down in 2014

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In 2014, France exported almost 6% less pork than it did in 2013, at 455,000 tonnes, despite production being fractionally up on the year.

This was largely the result of the Russian ban, as this destination accounted for 6% of French exports in 2013. With exports down overall, it is likely some of this product was absorbed by the domestic market. With ample supply affecting much of the EU, French shipments to the main markets of Italy, the UK, Greece and Spain were all down on the year. This was partly offset by increased shipments to some Eastern EU markets. Outside the EU, deliveries to China also decreased, again as France competed with the EU as a whole in trying to place more product here. However, other Asian markets were more receptive, including Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore and Japan. Offal exports were also up on the year by 9%, again with a focus on the Asian market. Reflecting the higher volumes available for trade, unit prices on average fell by 5% for French pork exports. Coupled with lower volumes, this resulted in the value of French exports dropping by 11% on the year, or €99 million, to €840 million.


Pork imports to France in 2014 were steady on the year, increasing by only 800 tonnes but were over 7,000 tonnes up on 2012. However, the mix of suppliers did alter slightly. Spain maintained its position as market leader, despite reducing its supply by 2%, while Germany and particularly Denmark increased their trade with France. Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland and the UK were all down on the year. The US and Australia, as the main non-EU suppliers, increased their deliveries but the EU continued to supply more than 99% of France’s pork import requirements.