Photo of PEDv shaped 2014 for Japanese industry

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PEDv shaped 2014 for Japanese industry

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At the end of 2014, Japan further strengthened its position as the world’s largest pork importer as its own production was hugely disrupted by widespread outbreaks of PEDv.

Consequently, imports increased by 12% on the year to 829,400 tonnes. Imports particularly increased in the second and third quarters of 2014 but decreased marginally in the last two months of the year as stock levels were high and consumer demand was subdued. Unit prices were up an average of 4% on the year, following an increase in the gate price as domestic prices rose rapidly. As such, in conjunction with increasing volumes, the total value of pork imports in 2014 was ¥456.4 billion. However, the yen has continued to weaken against the dollar, dropping prices in dollar terms. With further PEDv cases confirmed in January 2015, no stability is expected in the short term for this market.


In contrast to last year, the EU had a larger market share at 38% as the US share dropped to a third, owing to a reduction in its own production due to PEDv. Canada remained the second largest country provider, with an increase of 4% on the year as a whole. However, its volumes decreased slightly in the second half of the year as more pork was sent to the US and Mexico. Chilean product also decreased, as it was diverted to Russia. Conversely, Brazil continued to establish its trade with Japan in the second half of the year, albeit at low volumes. European contributions to the mix increased, as the value of this trade went over €1 billion for the year, led by Denmark delivering 135,000 tonnes, up 19% on the year. Spanish shipments almost doubled to 65,500 tonnes. Large increases also came from the Netherlands, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, Ireland and Italy but Polish deliveries decreased after ASF was confirmed there.