Photo of UK pig prices - week ended 10 January 2015

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UK pig prices - week ended 10 January 2015

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For the week ending 10 January, the EU-spec GB SPP was down 0.74p on the week to 141.70p per kg.

Carcase weights, at 83.20 kg, were at their highest since the SPP series commenced in April 2014 and effectively represented an all-time high. However, the average probe measurement decreased to 11.3mm, the lowest since the beginning of October. These changes partly reflect a backlog of pigs held over from the festive period that put on weight but suggest that his has been done without their condition suffering. Throughputs were up 42% on the week as processing activity largely returned to normal, although there are still indications of a backlog of pigs in the system. While also being up 10% on the year, slaughterings have not returned to their pre-Christmas peak, with reports indicating poor retail demand with fewer additional spot purchases which has contributed to the price fall.

The EU-spec GB APP was 145.44p per kg for the week ended 3 January, 1.53p down on the week. This kept the difference with the GB SPP in the same week to 3.0p.


For the week ending the 10 January, 7kg weaners averaged £34.38 a head, down 28p on the week. This is almost £8 less than the breeder received a year ago, as weaner prices track the downwards trend in UK finished pig prices. It also confirms some uncertainty in the demand for and price of finished pigs come the spring. 30kg weaners in the same week averaged £47.85 a head, up £3.47 on the week but down £9 on a year earlier. This largely cancels out the price fall of last week and compared with Christmas week the price was down 37p.