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EU production remains high in April

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Although not reaching the same heights as in March, EU pig meat production remained high in April. Output was around 4% up on the same month last year, at 1.89 million tonnes.

The slowdown in the rate of increase was expected, given the earlier Easter this year, but slaughterings were still up 2% at a little under 21 million head. This took throughputs for the first four months of the year to 85.8 million head, 4% more than a year earlier, with pig meat production up 6%. With an increase on this scale at a time when demand is still being hit by the Russian ban and economic difficulties, it can be no surprise that EU pig prices have remained subdued.


The overall rise in April came as a result of varied trends between Member States. Much of the rise was due to an unusually large rise in recorded Danish slaughterings, although this may be subject to revision. Elsewhere, Spain and the Netherlands continued to record strong growth, with both killing 6% more pigs than last April. However, this was partly offset by lower throughputs in Germany (down 1%), France (-3%) and Poland (-13%, likely due to the timing of Easter). Despite these declines, France was the only leading producer to record lower slaughterings in the first four months of the year, emphasising the relatively plentiful supply situation across the EU.