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Mexican pork trade increasing

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Mexico is one of the world’s leading importers of pork, ranking second to Japan among non-EU countries last year. It is also increasing its export sales, making it a more significant player in the global market.

In the first quarter of 2015 Mexican imports of pork increased by 11% compared to the level seen in 2014 as its main supplier, the US, saw strong production growth and price falls, following recovery from PEDv. Imports from the US, increased by 4% on a year earlier. However due to further increases in shipments from other countries, the share of total Mexican imports that came from the US fell to 86%. Volumes coming from Canada showed the largest gain in volume, increasing by 88%, with its share of total imports up to 13%. The average unit value of shipments to Mexico fell 20% in US dollar terms in the first quarter of the year, leading the total value of Mexican imports to fall 11% to $301 million. Average unit values in 2014 were particularly high, which accounts for some of the decline in unit values, but the average price in 2015 fell to its lowest value since 2009.


Exports from Mexico in the first quarter of the year were up 19%, reaching 22,400 tonnes, following improving domestic production and higher levels of imports, leaving increased supplies available for export. Exports to Japan, the major destination for Mexican pork, increased 23% to 18,200 tonnes, making Japan’s share of Mexican exports over 80%. Volumes shipped to South Korea grew 22% to 2,200 tonnes while shipments going to the US fell 11% to 1,900 tonnes.