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More Dutch pork exported in 2014 at lower prices

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After a poorer second half of the year, in 2014, the Netherlands exported 742,000 tonnes of fresh and frozen pork. This was 2% more than in 2013 but at a 3% lower value of €1.53 million.

There was a shift in the trading partners of the Netherlands, as 1% less pork went to the EU, although it still accounted for nearly 80% of the total. Italy, however, remained the primary recipient, taking 4% more on the year, while Germany and Greece took less. The UK and Poland did increase Dutch imports slightly, at cheaper prices than in 2013. Clearly the loss of the Russian market affected supplies throughout the EU but Dutch pork was successfully redistributed to Asian markets. In particular, nearly twice as much went to Japan, 62% more to South Korea, as well as 54% more to Australia. Montenegro also emerged as a major buyer of Dutch pork, more than tripling its purchases to 16,000 tonnes.


Live exports performed less well in 2014, down 21% on the year to 8.4 million head. Eurostat data suggests slaughterings were up 3% on the year, giving rise to a 5% increase in pig meat production, which begins to explain a reduction in the need to export pigs for slaughter; numbers fell by 23%. With prices remaining reasonably flat, this resulted in a 27% decrease in value for this trade, to €356 million. The export of weaners to Germany for finishing did still account for the largest share of live exports, although it was down by 16% on 2013. Belgium and Poland also imported fewer Dutch weaners but this was partly offset by increased purchases by Spain and several eastern Member States. The value of weaner sales was down 15% to €382 million.