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Falling pork sales from consumer switching

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Pork sales over the latest 12-week period, up to 26 April, suffered partly as a result of switching to other proteins, namely chicken and lamb, which have been heavily promoted by a number of retailers.

There have also been lower levels of volume-driving Y for £X promotional activity this year. Pork has come under pressure from chicken, with one of the Big 4 supermarkets selling fresh chicken some 20% cheaper than last year. In addition to this, the price differential between pork and lamb was lower than a year ago at £2.64/kg, which will have encouraged some pork consumers to trade up into lamb.



All pork cuts contributed to the falling performance of the category, despite prices for most being lower than they were a year before. Chops and steaks continue to register the heaviest declines. Within roasting joints, all cuts were down on the year in both value and volume terms. With the exception of loin joints, all roasting joint cuts recorded a fall in average price. The reduction in sales also affected other pig meat products, with spending on both bacon and ham down 4% on a year earlier. Sausages also recorded an overall reduction in volume and value, although there was a small uplift in sales of premium-tiered sausages.