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Northern Irish herd growth revised up

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Final figures from the June Agricultural Census in Northern Ireland show that the pig herd grew faster than was previously thought.

The updated figures show a 10% year-on-year rise in total pig numbers, three points higher than the provisional results published in September. The increase was largely due to higher numbers of pigs being raised for slaughter. This is attributed to a combination of higher imports of pigs for finishing from the Republic of Ireland and expansion among some large, productive herds.


The revised figures also show a marginally larger rise in the Northern Irish sow herd, which is now recorded to be up 7% on a year earlier, at 45,600 head. With both in-pig and maiden gilt numbers also rising sharply, further expansion might be expected in the coming months. These trends contrast with a more stable position in other parts of the UK. Final UK results from the June surveys are due to be published in December.